The Cabinet II Project is an ambitious project that includes five CD recordings (mostly featuring world premiere recordings with 1717. Memories of a journey to Italy being the first CD), editions of unpublished scores, audio, videos and articles that accompany the discovery of a mostly forgotten repertoire contained in the private collection of Pisendel in the Dresden archive, known as Cabinet II.

1717. Memories of a Journey to Italy

The Recording

Scores [in preparation]

Other editions from The Cabinet II Project

In addition to the editions of the music contained in the recordings we will be publishing critical editions of other interesting music contained in the Pisendel collection.

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi – Trio sonata RV 820

The earliest known work of Antonio Lucio Vivaldi.

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi – Sonata for violin and continuo RV 205/2

Sonata containing a variant of the slow movement of the concerto RV 205 and many other concordances with other vivaldian works, included in the RISM under the name of Vivaldi in 2016

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi – Concerto “per Pisendel” RV 205

Concerto for violin and strings in D major RV 205. 

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi – Concerto “per Pisendel” RV 340

Concerto for violin and strings in A major RV 340. 

Martino Bitti – Dresden Sonata N.6 (Sinfonia)

Recently discovered work by Martino Bitti.