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The Cabinet II Project is an ambitious ongoing project led by Scaramuccia and his artistic director, Javier Lupiáñez, that is dedicated to the discovery of a mostly forgotten repertoire contained in the private music collection Pisendel in the SLUB library in Dresden, known as Cabinet II. It brought to the release of two albums that got nominated to the ICMA and Opus Klassik awards, as well as many concerts all over Europe. The research behind brought to the publication of two thesis, critical editions of unpublished music, and articles; the identification of new works by Vivaldi and Pisendel, and it has been presented in lectures and masterclasses all over Europe.


In 2022 the project The Cabinet II Project has been finalist (shortlist) on the REMA European Early Music Awards in the Heritage and Repertoire category.


Johann Georg Pisendel. Neue Sonaten

Newly discovered sonatas for violin and continuo by Johann Georg Pisendel


1717. Memories of a Journey to Italy

Works by Vivaldi, Albinoni, Montanari, Valentini, Tanfani and Pisendel


Music editions

Academic publications by Javier Lupiáñez

  • Las anotaciones para la ornamentación de Johann Georg Pisendel (1687-1755) en los manuscritos vivaldianos de Dresde, unpublished Ph.D. Diss. (advisor: Fabrizio Ammetto), Guanajuato (Mexico), University of Guanajuato, 2021.
  • Three New Sonatas for Violin and Continuo by Johann Georg Pisendel. “Ad Parnassum. A Journal of Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Instrumental Music“ Volume 18, Issue 35 (April/October 2020), pp. 39-68.
  • Completando lo inacabado. Consideraciones sobre el compositor, el intérprete y la ornamentación a través de los manuscritos de Johann Georg Pisendel“Quodlibet, revista de especialización musical” Núm. 73 (2020), pp. 7-49.
  • Personal Manuscripts as Sources for Ornamentation: the Embellishments of Pisendel in Schrank II, with a Special Focus on VivaldiEarly Music Performer, Issue 46, Spring 2020.
  • Las anotaciones de Pisendel en el Concierto para dos violines  RV 507 de Vivaldi: Una ventana abierta a la improvisación en la obra del “Cura Rojo”. Javier Lupiáñez – Fabrizio Ammetto ‘Musical Improvisation in the Baroque Era’, Brepols (Turnhout, Belgium) Series of Centro Studi Opera Omnia Luigi Boccherini, 2019.
  • Una nuova cadenza vivaldiana in un concerto per violino anonimo – A New Vivaldi Cadenza in an Anonymous Violin Concerto. Javier Lupiañez – FabrIzIo Ammetto. Studi Vivaldiani 17.
  • New Discoveries of Vivaldi in DresdenArticle in the RISM online
  • New Discoveries of Vivaldi in DresdenThesis

related lectures

  • “Wild and eccentric”. Ornamenting in the style of Vivaldi’. “LOOK AGAIN” | Early Music Seminar.
  • Complete programme  |  Presentation
  • New approaches to ornamentation in the 18th century though the “working manuscripts” of Johann Georg Pisendel. The 19th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music 2021. Complete programme |  Presentation
  • «Un gusto barbaro». Vivaldi’s Italian ornamentation style versus Quantz’s German mixed style. Lecture and workshop at Mozarteum, Salzburg, 9th June, 2021. Presentation
  • Ornamentation sources on how [not] to follow the rules. The embellishments of Pisendel in the Schrank II, with a special focus on Vivaldi. Lecture and workshop at Mozarteum, Salzburg, 5th June, 2019. Abstract
  • Pisendel ornamenta Vivaldi. IX Coloquio Interno de Exposición de Avances de Tesis del Posgrado en Artes de la Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico, 28th May 2019.
  • The annotations of Johann Georg Pisendel in the Dresden manuscripts: an open window to the improvisation in the first half of the 18th century. The 18th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music will be hosted by the Musicology and Cultural Heritage Department of Pavia University in Cremona, from Tuesday 10 July to Sunday 15 July, 2018. Complete Conference Program  |  Presentation
  • Pisendel’s annotations in the Concerto for two violins RV 507 by Vivaldi: an open window on improvisation in the work of the “Red priest”. International Conference “Musical Improvisation in the Baroque Era” Lucca, Complesso Monumentale di San Micheletto, 19-21 maggio 2017. Complete Conference Program |  Presentation
  • New discoveries of Vivaldi in Dresden: trio sonata RV 820, sonata RV 205/2 and a new vivaldian cadenza in an anonymous concerto. Ex umbra in solem: On musical works that have been lost, rediscovered or deserve reassessment Haliciana Schola Cantorum, L’viv, Ukraine, November, 2017. Abstract |Presentation
  • Nuevos Descubrimientos Vivaldianos en Dresde, metodología de la identificación. Lecture at Conservatorio Superior de Música de Vigo, Spain, February, 2017.
  • New discoveries of Vivaldi – Attribuzione definitiva di composizioni dubbie ad Antonio Lucio Vivaldi. Lecture at Conservatorio Statale di Musica, Cagliari, Italy, March, 2016.
  • New discoveries of Vivaldi in Dresden. Lecture-Recital at Festival Musica Antica, The Hague, The Netherlands, September, 2016.

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