The Cabinet II Project is an ambitious project that includes several CD recordings (mostly featuring world premiere recordings with 1717. Memories of a journey to Italy being the first CD), editions of unpublished scores, audio, videos and articles that accompany the discovery of a mostly forgotten repertoire contained in the private collection of Pisendel in the Dresden archive, known as Cabinet II.

– We will use the best sound recording techniques available.

– We will include extensive research reworked into the booklet essays.

– We will make the critical editions of unpublished musical works and we will include collaborations with musicologists of worldwide fame.

– This dedicated website, where we will publish and offer all these materials plus extra recordings, texts, and multimedia.

– An appealing graphic design.

The music. Unearthing forgotten masterpieces

Like chapters in a novel, we will build five programs, it will be an organized and well-thought-out travel to the past.

First CD: Memories of a Journey to Italy

“Pisendel’s journey through Italy is a story that deserves and has yet to be told”

Prof. Michael Talbot

Imagine that you have the opportunity to fill your suitcase with the best music of your time. What would you take and what would you leave? Remember you do not have room for everything and you have to choose! This is more or less what happened to Pisendel (the concertmaster of the Dresden orchestra and one of the greatest virtuosos of his era) during his trip to Italy in 1717. For almost a year the young Pisendel toured Italy and met the greatest masters of his time, and throughout his sojourn, he collected the best compositions he could find and filled his suitcase with them. Incidentally, he was forced to use a smaller type of paper, taking up less space in his suitcase and allowing him to transport more musical treasures to Dresden

A fascinating journey that has left us a legacy of incalculable value: a sincere, intimate and personal musical image of early eighteenth century Italy.

CD I:  1717, Memories of a Journey to Italy

Pisendel’s musical diary of his journey to Florence, Rome and Venice. Works by Vivaldi, Albinoni, Montanari, Valentini, Fanfani [World Premiere] and Pisendel [World Premiere].

We start our journey taking a general overview of Pisendel’s travels across Italy. The baggage of Pisendel is filled with masterpieces by the great masters of Italy. But there is more than just music behind these pieces: they tell of of a personal and intimate journey. In the Suonata à Solo fatto per Maestro Pisendel Del Vivaldi,  Vivaldi left empty space for Pisendel to complete the sonata with a movement of his own. In a mysterious sonata by Valentini, an autograph dedicated not to Pisendel but to Montanari (who was Pisendel’s teacher). How this valuable and personal score ended up in Pisendel’s hands is a mystery.

In addition, we have the exciting presentation of two world premiere recordings: a sonata by Pisendel that contains modifications by Montanari, and a sonata by Giuseppe Maria Fanfani that has not been performed since the eighteenth century.

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