1717. Memories of a Journey to Italy

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Works by Vivaldi, Albinoni, Montanari, Valentini, Fanfani and Pisendel. Scaramuccia Ensemble.

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With your purchase of the Digipack or “wav – Highest Quality” files you will get free full access to “1717. Memories of a journey to Italy” Extras Page (Musical editions of all the music of the CD, all the audio in FLAC, AAC and Mp3 formats, articles and more related material, check it below!)

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1717. Memories of a Journey to Italy.

Imagine that you have the opportunity to fill your suitcase with the best music of your time. What would you take and what would you leave? Remember you do not have room for everything and you have to choose! This is more or less what happened to Pisendel (the concertmaster of the Dresden orchestra and one of the greatest virtuosos of his era) during his trip to Italy in 1717. For almost a year the young Pisendel toured Italy and met the greatest masters of his time, and throughout his sojourn, he collected the best compositions he could find and filled his suitcase with them. Incidentally, he was forced to use a smaller type of paper, taking up less space in his suitcase and allowing him to transport more musical treasures to Dresden.

But there is more than just music behind these pieces: they tell of of a personal and intimate journey. In the Suonata à Solo fatto per Maestro Pisendel Del Vivaldi,  Vivaldi left empty space for Pisendel to complete the sonata with a movement of his own. In a mysterious sonata by Valentini, an autograph dedicated not to Pisendel but to Montanari (who was Pisendel’s teacher). How this valuable and personal score ended up in Pisendel’s hands is a mystery.

In addition, we have the exciting presentation of two world premiere recordings: a sonata by Pisendel that contains modifications by Montanari, and a sonata by Giuseppe Maria Fanfani that has not been performed since the eighteenth century.

“Pisendel’s journey through Italy is a story that deserves and has yet to be told”

Prof. Michael Talbot

The Sound

The recordings on this CD were made with a proprietary microphone technique, called ECA, that was developed by our sound engineer in order to achieve maximum sound fidelity, with very good positioning of the instruments in the virtual space that is being created between your speakers. The mixing and mastering process has been performed with an almost fully analog equipment chain in order to maintain the complex tonal character of the sound of gut strings and the harpsichord. This results in a musical vividness and three-dimensional sound that is rarely heard in acoustic music recordings. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

More than a CD!

With your purchase of the Digipack or “wav – Highest Quality” files you will get free full access to “1717. Memories of a journey to Italy” Extras Page (Musical editions of all the music of the CD, all the audio in FLAC, AAC and Mp3 formats, articles and more related material).

Extra scores and recordings 1717 Memories of a Journey to Italy

Extra scores and recordings
1717 Memories of a Journey to Italy

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Formats Information

(Physical) Digipack. This is a 6 pannels CD digipack, the traditional physical CD that you can touch and smell including a nice 24 pages booklet. Inside the booklet you will find your code that give you full access to “1717. Memories of a Journey Extras Page”  (Music editions of all the music of the CD, audio files in FLAC and AAC/Mp3, extensive extra information about the repertoire, exclusive videos and much more!)

Digital formats:

1717. Memories of a Journey to Italy in digital format + booklet in PDF. We offer different audio formats depending on what you are looking for, from high quality audio for your mobile devices to the highest quality audio so you can enjoy a maximum of professional audio quality:

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This high definition files use 24bit encoding, allowing a much wider dynamic range than CD, and sampling rates all the way up to 96kHz. It is all about getting you closer to the studio sound.

(Digital) FLAC Premium quality 

High quality for portability FLAC audio files (Better than CD audio quality)

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(Digital) AAC/Mp3 – High/Medium quality

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Just in case you would like to have also the Mp3 files we included in the same download a folder with all the tracks in Mp3 format.

Tracks List and Samples

Tomaso Albinoni (1669-1751)
Sonata a Violino solo di me Tomaso Albinoni Composta p il Sig: Pisendel (Sonata in Bb Major, TalAl So32)

1 Adaggio

2 Allegro

3 Adagio

4 Allegro

Giuseppe Maria Fanfani (? – ca. 1757) [world premiere]
Solo Violino e Basso (Sonata in D Major)

5 Largo

6 Allegro

7 Larghetto

8 Tempo Giusto

Giuseppe Valentini (1681-1753)
La Montanari. Sonata per Camera a Violino solo, Dedicato al merito impareggiabile del Sig:re Antonio Montanari insigne Sonatore di Violino, Da un suo divoto servo ammiratore della sua virtù. (Sonata in A Major)

9 Preludio, Adagio

10 Allemanda, Allegro

11 Largo

12 Vivace affettuoso

13 Minuè

Antonio Maria Montanari (1676-1737)
Sonata del Sig.r Ant. Montanari (Sonata in E Minor)

14 Largo

15 [No tempo indication]

16 [No tempo indication] – Var. I – III (Lupiáñez) – [Da Capo]

Johann Georg Pisendel/Antonio Montanari [world premiere]
Solo Violino e Basso (Sonata in E Major)

17 Largo

18 Allegro ma non tanto

19 Largo

20 Allegro assai

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (1678-1741)/ Johann Georg Pisendel (1687 – 1755)
Suonata à Solo fatto per  Maestro Pisendel Del Vivaldi (Sonata in G Major, RV 25)

21 Allegro – [Gavotta. Allegro] – [Menuetto]

22 Grave (J.G. Pisendel)

23 [Giga. Allegro] – [Gavotta. Allegro] – [Menuetto con varizioni]: Var. I (Vivaldi) – Menuetto da Capo (Vintém) – Var. II (Lupiáñez) – Menuetto da capo

"1717. Memories of a journey to Italy" Extras Page

After your purchase of the full CD (Digipack or digital version in HQ) you will receive a code to access to the extra materials linked to the CD.

Extra scores and recordings 1717 Memories of a Journey to Italy

Code for extra scores and recordings
1717 Memories of a Journey to Italy

We will add new material periodically and you will be able to access to it without restrictions any time you want.

Inside you will find:

  • Scores

Editions of all the pieces included in the CD. Scores, parts, critical preface, extra part with all the doubles and ornamented movements.

  • Articles and bibliographic material

You will have access to relevant material about the pieces contained on the CD and to an list of valuable bibliography and sources.

  • Audio in AAC/Mp3 format

Download the files of the CD in AAC and Mp3 and get the maximal portability. Great quality in a minimal space.

  • Audio in FLAC format

Download the files of the CD in FLAC format. A digital format with better quality than a traditional CD.

  • Other materials

We will update the page with videos and other materials related with the CD

NB. This page is in preparation, we will update the contents periodically. All the editions and much of the research material will be completed by beginning of 2019

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  • ICMA Nomination, best baroque instrumental music recording 2019
  • “I am very impressed by this disc, not only because of the way the programme has been put together, but also the quality of the music selected for this recording and the way it is played. The performances are technically impeccable, stylish and imaginative. The phrasing and articulation are excellent, and there is a nice dynamic shading. The ornamentation is generous, but never exaggerated.
    Recently I have reviewed several outstanding discs with baroque violin music, and this is another one lovers of the baroque violin should definitely not miss.” Johan van Veen (musica Dei donum 2018)
  • “Esta música es excelente, por lo que no hace falta preguntarse por qué Pisendel la metió en valija y se la llevó consigo a Dresde. La interpretación de Scaramuccia es tan deslumbrante como la propia música. Discazo.” Eduardo Torrico (Scherzo, Dec. 2108)
  • “Die verschiedenen Kompositionen werden mit musikantischer Frische und Versiertheit sowie einer mitreißenden Technik dargeboten. Die Musiker von ‘Scaramuccia’, allen voran der Geiger Javier Lupianez, spielen dabei mit einer kraftvollen Gestik auf. Die vielen effektvollen Details der Partitur werden mit Raffinesse herausgearbeitet und mit großem Engagement ausgeführt. Fresh and vivid performances in a natural lifelike sound quality.” Pizzicato, 11 Nov. 2018
  • 5/5  “Clearly, this is demanding music – Javier Lupiáñez combines a fine bowing arm with some nifty fingerwork, seemingly undaunted by the technical challenges, while his continuo partners provide stylishly supportive accompaniment. It is a sobering thought that these six extremely fine works represent only the tip of the tip of the iceberg that is Pisendel’s library of works gathered from his Italian contacts – that the library in Dresden has made them all available online is encouraging groups like Scaramuccia (who have even established their own recording company to produce this CD!) to explore the vast riches which it contains. Given the high standards set here, I hope it will not be too long before we hear more from them!” Brian Clark, Early Music Review
  • “Fascinating CD”… “They are technically outstanding and balanced with rare sensitivity” “Lupiáñez proves himself master not only of the more virtuosic demands of the music but of also producing a warm, expressive cantabile, while he receives splendid support from Inés Salinas (cello) and Patricia Vintém (harpsichord).” Brian Robins, Early Music Review