Pisendel – Sonata in E major for violin and continuo (Edition and study, PDF)

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Preface and Study in English (10 pages)/Prefacio y estudio en Español (10p.) – Score (6 pages) in a friendly performance edition/ Partitura (6p.) PDF

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The Sonata for violin and continuo in E Major is part of the collection “Scrhank II” of the “Die Sächsische Landesbibliothek – Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek” Dresden (SLUB).

The only source of the sonata is found in the manuscript D-Dl Mus.2421-R-18 written by Johann Georg Pisendel.

The work was identified as a composition by Pisendel in 2005 by Kai Köpp due to the concordances found in another Pisendel sonata, the sonata in G minor for violin and continuo, whose only source is in the autograph Mus. 2421-R-15 of Dresden.

The manuscript D-Dl Mus.2421-R-18 of the sonata in E major presents a large number of annotations and corrections, which seem to have been made by Antonio Montanari, teacher of Pisendel in Rome. This fact situates the composition in the period in which Pisendel studied with Montanari in Rome in 1717.

In addition to these annotations, linked to the composition of the work, we find others dedicated to interpretation and ornamentation, especially in the Allegro assai. These annotations have been included in this edition in the most faithful way possible to how they appear in the manuscript.

This edition presents an interpretation of the score as close as possible to what could have been a finished version of the sonata.