Telemann Concerto a 4 TWV 43:d2 (Score and parts PDF)

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Score and Parts (Friendly performance edition) in PDF.

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“Another jewel of this four-part writing appears in the Concerto a 4 in D minor TWV 43:d2, dated around 1720 and found in Dresden and Darmstadt. The contrast between the lavishness of the slow movements and the rhythmic richness of the fast movements is masterful. While the slow movements offer a melodic and harmonic discourse of overwhelming beauty, the rhythmic resources of the fast movements are astonishingly forceful. To mention just a couple of examples, the fugal beginning with three parts in unison at a distance of one quaver in the second movement, or the impetuous syncopated rhythms of the final Allegro.” From the booklet of the CD “TELEMANN.Chamber music treasures from Dresden and Darmstadt” Les Esprits Animaux. Musica Ficta MF8029 , 2018. Texts by Javier Lupiáñez.