Vivaldi – Concerto in D RV 208 “Grosso Mogul” Score and parts (PDF)

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Score and parts in PDF.

Based on autograph: Biblioteca nazionale universitaria – Torino MS GIORDANO 29

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Antonio Lucio Vivaldi – Concerto for violin and orchestra in D major RV 208 “Grosso Mogul”

Vivaldi’s violin concerto in D major, RV 208, survives in three manuscripts:

  • Vivaldi’s autograph score, conserved in Turin. [This edition is based on this source]
  • A copy of the parts, conserved in the Landesbibliothek Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Günther Uecker [de] in Schwerin.
  • Another copy of the parts conserved in Cividale del Friuli.

The Grosso Mogul title appears on the Schwerin manuscript, which was written before 1717. According to Michael Talbot, the name of the concerto can possibly be linked to Domenico Lalli’s Il gran Mogol opera libretto, a setting of which had been presented in Naples in 1713. Later settings of this libretto include Giovanni Porta’s, staged in Venice in 1717, and Vivaldi’s RV 697 (1730).

The Schwerin and Cividale del Friuli copies of the concerto contain two variants of extended cadenzas for unaccompanied violin, in the first and last movements of the concerto. The autograph version indicates where such cadenzas can be inserted in these movements, but does not contain the cadenzas. A manuscript with the written-out cadenzas must have been circulating before c. 1713–1714 when Bach transcribed such version for solo organ (BWV 594).

An earlier version of the concerto, RV 208a, was probably composed by c. 1712–1713. This version has a different middle movement than the RV 208 version.Vivaldi seems to have had no supervision over the Op. 7 collection, published around 1720 in Amsterdam by the Roger firm, in which the older RV 208a version of the concerto was retained.This version of the concerto does not contain the extended cadenzas, nor an indication where such cadenzas could be inserted. (Wikipedia)